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February 2019 Specials


bullDaheng-Imaging USB3.0 Polarization Camera

EHD NIR-CameraDaheng-Imaging Mercury MER-502-79U3M POL with Global Shutter 2/3" IMX250MZR sensor, 79fps.


bullEHD SCM2020-UV USB3.0 Camera

BildThe SCM2020-UV camera includes the 1.2" (18.8mm diag) GSENSE2020BSI backilluminated sCMOS sensor with 2048x2048 pixel and a framerate of 45fps at a noise of only <2e-.


bullEHD-XHD-AF Autofocus Video Microscope

EHD NIR Camera The EHD-XHD-AF is with all in one mechanical structure, full self-developed optical system, light switch function, continuous zooming in/out, auto focusing function.


bullSCM-Series cameras demo sale 30%


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