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Alta F47UV

Product Details

The F47 represents the next step in the evolution of the Alta line of cameras with faster readout speeds. the Alta F47 has a back-illuminated full frame megapixel CCD with exceptionally high quantum efficiency. The UV-enhanced version has the highest QE in the UV.

The direct USB2.0 link between camera and computer allows easy installation, portability and fast data rate. High resolution enables detection of very fine details across a wide field of view.

Alta cameras come with their own easy to use software. An ActiveX software development kit and optional Linux drivers or VisualC++ source code are available for easy integration into custom application.

Alta cameras have two-stage Peltier cooling that cools upto 55°C below ambient. The cooling minimizes the dark current and its contribution to system noise. Remaining camera electronics have also been designed to keep overall camera noise extremly low.


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