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Daheng 31MP Camera

Product Details


MARS-3140-3GM/C-P is a monochrome or color GigE Vision camera with the APS-C(27.9mm) Sony Pregius IMX342 global shutter CMOS sensor. The camera is DAHENG IMAGING's latest large sensor area scan camera with Gigabit network interface, featuring high resolution (31 megapixels), fast frame rate (3fps) and a variety of lens mounts options (such as F-Mount and M42-Mount).

Technical data MARS-3140-3GM/C-P

- APS-C (27.9mm diag) Sony IMX342 SCMOS sensor
- 6464 x 4852 Pixel (31 Megapixel)
- 3fpsfps
- GigE
- Trigger
- PoE (IEEE802.3af compliant)


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