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IK1513-2.2µ InGaAs USB2.0

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Made in Germany

The new EHD IK1513-2.2µm camera is a highly sensitive extended infrared camera (SWIR, NIR) with 320x256 pixel and a framerate of 110fps. The sensitivity interval reaches from 1200nm to 2200nm. A sophisticated, thermal optimized housing allows sensor operation with optimal cooling. The camera can be controlled via standard USB2.0 interface either by PC or notebook. The 14-bit A/D converter provides high dynamics of captured image data. Correction procedures specially adapted to properties of InGaAs sensors assure very high image quality.

In order to increase sensitivity and to extend reasonable exposure time there is the possibility to cool down the sensor to 0°C.


  • Extended Spectral Range 1200nm to 2200nm
  • High-Speed USB2.0 (industrial save!)
  • 14bit A/D Resolution
  • Thermo Electrical Cooler
  • Upto 110 fps
  • Global Shutter
  • Exposure time from 10µs upto 3ms
  • Power Supply 12-24VDC
  • Trigger opto-decoupled

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