MPT Series is a compact 45MP, 1.4″ C-Mount Lens Series engineered to optimize the capabilities of the latest industrial CMOS sensors. The 1.4″ Ultra-high resolution Machine Vision Lenses are ultra-low distortion in a compact design available in fixed focal lengths: 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm.
MPT Series retains superior performance at any working distance, ideal for today’s latest, diverse Machine Vision applications. The super high-resolution imaging sensor also makes it ideal for many vertical markets, including industrial drones, sports analytics, and wide-area surveillance.The field curvature and astigmatism are comprehensively corrected by positioning the high refractive index glass and low partial dispersion glass at crucial locations. This correction expands the possibility of imaging analyses with a multi-ROI (Region of Interest) function.
The MPT Series differs because it uses the most common „C-Mount“ lens design for the industrial market, making it possible to use a high-resolution imaging sensor without using a large format lens. This design provides high versatility while downsizing the overall equipment size.