4.0MP enhanced

The EHD MaxCam-2020e-TE series industrial USB3.0 camera includes GSENSE2020e 1.2″ frontilluminated sCMOS monochrome sensor. With the two-stage peltier cooling sensor chip to -40° under ambient temperature. This will greatly increase the signal to noise ratio and decrease the image noise. Smart structure is designed to assure the heat radiation efficiency and avoid the moisture problem. Electric fan is used to increase the heat radiation speed. The camera has a M42 mount, and a C-Mount adapter. A F-Mount adapter is optional. The 16 Bit A/D conversation guarantee high resolution, low noise images of very high quality. Fast data transfer will be profided through the industry standard USB3.0 interface. Acquisition software EHDView will be provided as well as a free Windows/Linux/MacOS multiple platform SDK. The camera can also be controlled via DirectShow and TWAIN.