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Here you will find all our new products.


MaxCam-990TE-TR (cooled)

EHD-990/991SWIRThe MaxCam-990-TE camera is a highly sensitive infrared InGaAs camera with Sony IMX990 1/2", 1280x1024 pixel, 5µm in size. The sensitivity interval reaches from 400nm to 1700nm. The camera has an active TE cooling dt of 30°C. The camera system includes camera, cable, mount, EHDView image-analysing software for Windows, Lite Version for Linux, MAC OS and Android. Programmers API Win, Linux, MAC, Android with LabView and MATLAB support, Python and Java.

Opto isolated trigger input/output, GPIO's.

Delivery time 3-4 weeks


EHD ICM-Series

SCM2020-M sCMOS with GSENSE2020 sensorThe EHD ICM series industrial USB3.0 cameras includes Sony Pregius and Starvis CMOS color and monochrome sensors from 0.5Mpixel up to 12.0Mpixel. The ICM series supports external triggering and digital I/Os. Included with the camera is a powerfull image-processing software package EHDview, and also a SDK for Windows, Linux, MAC OS and Android. The sensor is integrated in a compact 33x33x42mm housing.

SONY IMX433, IMX273, IMX252, IMX265, IMX250, IMX264, IMX178, IMX226

Delivery time approx. 3-4 weeks!



Computar NEW 1" Lens Connect lenses

lensLensConnect Series of motorized lenses, engineered to enable power supply and control through USB.  This innovative Plug and Play lens series allows remote adjustment of the zoom*, focus, or iris and comes with a simple set-up software compatible with Windows or Linux (*zoom adjustment for varifocal models only). In addition, the remote control is easy to achieve - even without any prior knowledge of the lens. The floating focus design delivers ultra-high resolution from near to far, and stepper motors enable precise focus control and high repeatability.




OPT Machine-Vision catalogue

Industrial LED Lighting Download the complete OPT Machine-Vision catalogue here. The catalogue contains a complete overview of all available ring lights, backlights, linear and spot lights including all control units and accessories.








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