Objectives and Lenses

EHD F0.85 light intense lenses

High-Speed camera or low-light level applications can best use the EHF-F0.85 series due to its immensely bright F-Number of 0.85. Up to 4/3§ sensors are supported as well as C and M42 mounts. An internally constructed floating system of lens elements allows the lens to produce a low distortion, high contrast image at any magnification.


EHD 1.8″ and 4/3″ SWIR Lenses

Especially for SWIR sensors larger than 1″, we have two lenses. These lenses, developed for 4/3″ and 1.8″, prevent the vignetting that occurs with large sensors at smaller focal lengths. The lenses are optimized for the wavelength range of 900-1700nm, and are equipped with locking screws for focus and iris.

EHD-NV2520SW datasheet 


EHD 1″ SWIR Lenses

The new 1″ SWIR lenses are designed for the new generation of NIR/SWIR cameras with high sensitivity at at wavelength between 800nm – 2000nm. The new series is named EHD-H1-SW and LM and different models with focal length are available. We succeeded to manufacture this high quality SWIR lenses by using a special coating technology and unique glass material.


Computar MPT-Series 1.4″ 45MP Lenses

MPT Series is a compact 45MP, 1.4″ C-Mount Lens Series engineered to optimize the capabilities of the latest industrial CMOS sensors. The 1.4″ Ultra-high resolution Machine Vision Lenses are ultra-low distortion in a compact design available in fixed focal lengths: 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm.
MPT Series retains superior performance at any working distance, ideal for today’s latest, diverse Machine Vision applications. The super high-resolution imaging sensor also makes it ideal for many vertical markets, including industrial drones, sports analytics, and wide-area surveillance.The field curvature and astigmatism are comprehensively corrected by positioning the high refractive index glass and low partial dispersion glass at crucial locations. This correction expands the possibility of imaging analyses with a multi-ROI (Region of Interest) function.
The MPT Series differs because it uses the most common „C-Mount“ lens design for the industrial market, making it possible to use a high-resolution imaging sensor without using a large format lens. This design provides high versatility while downsizing the overall equipment size.


EHD 1″ SWIR Zoom-Lenses

EHD Zoom SWIR Lenses offer high transmission from 1000 to 2000 nanometers and are IR corrected to ensure flawless transitions from day to night without manual adjustments. In addition to the stock specifications available, EHD offers made-to-order Zoom SWIR lenses to fit any long-range surveillance application.

EHD16160-SW datasheet



Computar MPY-Series 1.1″ 12MP Lenses

Presenting a robust 12 Megapixel C-mount Machine Vision Lens Series is designed to fully leverage the high sensitivity and precise high-speed imaging of the 1.1” Sony IMX253 and IMX255 sensors. In addition, the MPY Machine Vision Lens Series is available in a full range of standard focal lengths for virtually any application—supporting pixel sizes as small as 3.45μm.

This Lens Series combines high-performance optics with various standard focal lengths for maximum application flexibility. The MPY Series is the preferred solution for machine vision and ITS multi-lane surveillance applications.


EHD 2/3″ SWIR Lenses

Computar’s SWIR lenses are the industry’s most compact form factor and are engineered for optimal performance.  Their unique coating technology delivers high transmission from 800nm-1,700nm and are available in 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm focal lengths.


Computar MPZ-Series 1″ 20MP Lenses

Computar’s Machine Vision lineup includes the NEW MPZ Series featuring super high-resolution operation with precise accuracy. Computar offers an extensive selection of models suitable for various sensor types, and almost any application. Compatible with 1″ Sensor Format e.g. IMX183, IMX255, IMX267, IMX305, EV2S12M, XGS12000, CMV4000.


Computar NEW 1″ Lens Connect lenses

LensConnect Series of motorized lenses, engineered to enable power supply and control through USB. This innovative Plug and Play lens series allows remote adjustment of the zoom*, focus, or iris and comes with a simple set-up software compatible with Windows or Linux (*zoom adjustment for varifocal models only). In addition, the remote control is easy to achieve – even without any prior knowledge of the lens. The floating focus design delivers ultra-high resolution from near to far, and stepper motors enable precise focus control and high repeatability.


EHD 2/3″ VIS-SWIR Hyper Apo Lenses

The ViSWIR Fixed Focal Length Lens Series was created for the latest Visible + SWIR Imaging Sensors. ViSWIR Lite achieves a clear and precise image visible to the SWIR range by applying a multilayer coating to absorb the specific light. The application of a multilayer coating on the metal lens parts makes it possible to minimize the negative lighting effects.

  • Fully corrected focus shift in visible and SWIR range (400nm-1,700nm
  • Visible + SWIR sensors
  • Unique coating technology delivers high transmission from 400nm to 1,700nm.
  • High-resolution, the low-distortion design offers Megapixel clarity in the hyperspectral application.
  • Also available in 12mm, 16mm, and 25mm (35mm and 50mm coming soon)
  • Designed around the popular φ8.20mm image circle format
  • The industry’s most compact form factor. It fits in most applications