The EHD SCM-IUA series industrial USB3.0 cameras includes Sony Pregius and Starvis CMOS color and monochrome sensors from 1.7Mpixel up to 45.0Mpixel, and GPixel GMAX sensors. The SCM-IUA series supports external triggering and digital I/Os. Included with the camera is a powerfull image-processing software package EHDview, and also a SDK for Windows, Linux, MAC OS and Android. The sensor is integrated in a compact 68x68x28.1mm housing.

– SCM432-M/C-TR, Sony IMX432, 1.7MP, 98fps
– SCM462-M/C-TR, Sony IMX462, 2.1MP, 120fps
– SCM249-M/C-TR, Sony IMX249, 2.3MP, 30fps
– SCM421-M/C-TR, Sony IMX421, 2.3MP, 121fps
– SCM464-C-TR, Sony IMX464, 4.1MP, 90fps
– SCM264-M-TR, Sony IMX264, 5.0MP, 35fps
– SCM547-M/C-TR, Sony IMX547, 5.1MP, 63fps
– SCM178-M/C-TR, Sony IMX178, 6.3MP, 60fsp
– SCM428-M/C-TR, Sony IMX428, 7.1MP, 51fps
– SCM585-M/C-TR, Sony IMX585, 8.3MP, 45fps
– SCM676-C-TR; Sony IMX676, 12MP, 27fps
– SCM545-M/C-TR, Sony IMX545, 12.3MP, 28fps
– SCM183-M/C-TR, Sony IMX183, 20MP, 19fps
– SCM541-M/C-TR, Sony IMX541, 20.4MP, 17fps
– SCM540-M/C-TR, Sony IMX540, 24.5MP, 14fps
– SCM0505-M/C-TR, GMAX0505, 25MP, 13fps
– SCM492-M-TR, Sony IMX492, 45MP, 8fps
– Camera dimensions