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Objectives and Lenses

Standard Lenses

Computar, Kowa and Ricoh C-Mount lenses for machine vision and security applications.
F0.85 light intense lenses for low-light level and high-speed camera applications.


EHD F0.85 light intense lenses

BildHigh-Speed camera or low-light level applications can best use the EHF-F0.85 series due to its immensely bright F-Number of 0.85. Up to 4/3§ sensors are supported as well as C and M42 mounts. An internally constructed floating system of lens elements allows the lens to produce a low distortion, high contrast image at any magnification.




OPT Machine-Vision NEW 29MP lenses

lens The new 29MP F-Mount lenses from OPT Machine-Vision are perfectly suited for matrix cameras with resolutions up to 31MP, and line scan cameras with 8K lines.
The size of the area sensor may be max 44mm for a very low distortion of up to <0.2%.
The lenses are available in focal lengths f=25mm, f=35mm and f=50mm, and have locking screws for focus and aperture.





Computar NEW 1" 20MP lenses

lensComputar’s Machine Vision lineup includes the NEW MPZ Series featuring super high-resolution operation with precise accuracy. Computar offers an extensive selection of models  suitable for various sensor types, and almost any application. Compatible with 1" Sensor Format  e.g. IMX183, IMX255, IMX267, IMX305, EV2S12M, XGS12000, CMV4000. 





Computar Lenses Catalogue

The Computar product guide includes and descibes the 2/3" MP/MP2 series, the 2/3" 5MP ultra low disortion lens MPW/MPW2 series, the 1.1" 12MP MPY series, the 1" 2MP MP series, SWIR lenses, iTS lenses and M12 boardlenses.

12MP / 2MP Lenses, 1.1", 2/3" Format





Computar Machine Vision Lenses

V1228-MPYThe Computar machine vision lenses catalogue includes and descibes the 1" 20MP MPZ series, the 1.1" 12MP ITS/ANPR series, the 1/1.8" 4K Telephoto Angle varifocal lens series, the 1.1" 12MP and 2MP Telecentric Lens TEC series, special boardlenses and the 2/3" 5MP ruggedized lens series.

20MP / 5MP / 2MP Lenses, 1.1", 1", 2/3" Format






KOWA Machine Vision Lenses

objektiv Industrial image processing systems are predominantly used for the automated visual monitoring of production processes and quality inspection. Image processing applications are fast, reliable and deliver objective results. The first step in image processing is image capture. The lens is the first hardware component that captures the image. Therefore, the selection of the appropriate lens is the basis for a functioning image processing solution.

20MP / 12MP / 10MP / 8MP / 5MP / 3MP / 1MP

1.1", 1", 2/3", 1/1.8", 1/3"





objektiv In addition to the high resolution, it is important that motorized zoom lenses are used for long distances. Zoom, focus and iris functions are controlled via motors. In addition, there are functions such as auto-iris or auto-focus.

Since surveillance can takes place during day and night, it is important that the lenses are IR-corrected. IR-corrected zoom lenses are designed in such a way that there is no focus shift when IR illumination is used during night surveillance instead of visible light



Ricoh Machine Vision Lenses


Pentax has over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of CCTV lenses.  It is our goal to always offer our machine vision customers the best lens  with which to meet the technical constraints of an application. Your system and our lenses ensure a prominent position for you to occupy the global market on a long term basis.

Pentax products manufactured in Vietnam and Japan are ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified to guarantee the best quality and environmental safety.






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