Telecentric Lenses

EHD-V7X Telecentric Zoom-Lens

This high performance lens incorporates 2 design functions. it operates both as a 7X macro zoom lens with 0.07X to 0.5X magnification and as a lelecentric lens within the 0.25X to 0.5X magnification range.

It provides excellent brightness throughout the zoom range, maintaining 70% illumination at both center and corner.

The EHD-V7X’s unique features provide the versatility to meet a wide range of industrial applications. The working distance is adjustable from 182 to 577mm and a F4.3-32C manual iris allow precise depth of field and contrast adjustment. This lens is suitable uo to 5 megapixel with 1/1.1″ sensors.


EHD Small Telecentric Megapixel Lenses

The new small form factor lenses , compatible with 5MP sensors on 1″ cameras, or 2MP sensors on 2/3″ cameras. These telecentric lenses are also available with coaxial illumination port. We also have suitable LED spots which can easily connected.


EHD Telecentric Megapixel Lenses

New 5MP telecentric lenses which are able to adjust the magnification to match with the pixel size of the camera. The lenses are designed with an optical magnification that is ideal for 5MP or under. The contain distotion free lenses of less than 0.02% TV distortion. Distortion is limited to 0.25%. The lenses produces high contrast and resolution in both the centers and corners. Also new is th 4/3″ lens which is able to resolve 21MP.